Running Line Tensiometers

Monitor cable tension with a Dillon electronic tensiometer.

Wide Variety of Uses...
Designed to monitor tension loads on wire, rope, or cable, the Dillon tensiometer has been used in construction, by utility companies, in oil fields, and in manufacturing plants. One of it's popular uses is in the stringing of underground cable. It continually monitors cable tension, allowing even sensitive fiber optic cable to be drawn for miles through underground conduit without being damaged or broken.

Cable manufacturers use this instrument to control tension as the cable is wound onto spools. Tensiometers are also used in manufacturing settings to monitor cable in overhead lifting applications. In the oil industry tensiometers are put to use on drilling rigs to measure drill bit pressure.

The Dillon RLT - Running Line Tensiometer
For measuring tension on running wire cable, Dillon offers the model RLT, the running line tensiometer in eleven capacities from 20 lb. to 40,000 lbs. It has 2mv/v full scale sensitivity. Heavier capacities are available upon request. Speed and distance measuring options are also available.