Retail / Price-Computing Scales

Price-computing scales are used in retail establishments such as delicatessens, candy stores, tobacco shops, and roadside stands. If you sell it by weight, you need a price-computing scale. Superior Scale offers sales and repairs of most all price computing scales. Below are some examples of scales we can supply.

Ask us about programming your scale!!!!!! LP-1000

Label Printing, Price Computing Scale
54 Programmable Speed Keys for Item Look-up
200 PLU's (other models avail. to offer more)
Numerous Label Formats
Sales data
Too many functions to list
Capacity 30 lb.


Model AP-1

28 Speed Keys for quick item lookup
Accumulation function
Customer and operator visible displays
Bright digital display
Professional appearance
1/4 and 1/2 lb. keys
Tare save and pre-pack keys
Capacity: 30 lb. or 15 lb.

Model Space 2000

Easy to read bright digital display
Displays on operator and customer sides of scale
Zero, Tare, Tare save, and Pre-pack
1/4 and 1/2 lb. keys
Optional fish pan with drainage hole
Capacity: 30 lb.

Model EP-10

Great for outdoor markets, stands
Battery operated
LCD display
Optional cigarette-lighter adapter
Zero, Tare, Hold
Equipped with portable handcarry handle


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