Series 9000 Balances

SA/SP Balances

SA Series Analytical Balances

SA80 80g x 0.0001g
SA120 120g x 0.0001g
SA210 210g x 0.0001g
SA310 310g x 0.0001g
SA410 410g x 0.0001g
SA510 510g x 0.0001g
SA210D 0-100g x 0.0001g, 101-200g x 0.001g
SA525D 0-250g x 0.0001g, 251-500g x 0.001g
*Above balances come standard with upright 9.5" glass 3-door analytical windscreen.

SP Series Precision Balances

SP150 150g x 0.001g
SP250 250g x 0.001g
SP350 350g x 0.001g
SP500 500g x 0.001g
SP1000 1000g x 0.001g
SP1500 1500g x 0.001g
SP404D 0-40g x 0.001g, 41-400g x 0.01g
SP510D 0-100g x 0.001g, 101-500g x 0.01g
SP2050D 0-500g x 0.001g, 501-2000g x 0.01g
*Above balances come standard with a circular 6" diam, 3.25" ht glass windscreen.

SL/SG Balances

SL Series Laboratory Balances

SL400 400g x 0.01g
SL600 600g x 0.01g
SL1000 1000g x 0.01g
SL2000 2000g x 0.01g
SL3000 3000g x 0.01g
SL5000 5000g x 0.01g
SL6000 6000g x 0.01g
SL3100D 0-1000g x 0.01g, 1001-3000g x 0.1g
SL5200D 0-2000g x 0.01g, 2001-5000g x 0.1g

SG Series High Capacity Balances

SG3000 3000g x 0.1g
SG5000 5000g x 0.1g
SG8000 8000g x 0.1g
SG12000 12000g x 0.1g

Closeup view of display panel:

Many standard features!!

The Series 9000 Balances from Scientech offer numerous standard features. Each scale is manufactured with precision and durability in mind. Each model is a precise weighing device which incorporates an impressive list of features including the following: GLP/GMP/ISO compatibility, parts counting, vibration filters, multiple units of measure, live animal weighing, percent weighing, check weighing, stability indicator, a capacity tracker, RS232 data interface, zero tracking, and real time temperature compensation software.


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